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Informative articles covering a broad assortment of topics, and industries that utilize remote drug delivery products.  If you have a particular question, please give one of our Customer Care Professionals a call at 866-299-3278 for additional assistance. 

Pneu-Dart Slo-Inject® Flow Lab Video 01-31-2017
The latter part of 2016 marked the commencement of integrating Pneu Dart's patented Slo-Inject® Technology in producing RDD devices. We invite you to watch the following video to see the results for yourself!

Laser Engraved RDD Devices | New & Enhanced Resin 08-26-2016
We are ...

How to Purchase a Cartridge Fired Projector 01-18-2014
Pneu-Dart can only ship cartridge fired projectors to a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer in good standing.  Pneu-Dart must have a signed copy of the dealer’s license before such a shipment can be made.  The dealer receiving your order will be iss...

Hints for Choosing Your Pneu-Dart Equipment 01-18-2014
Pneu-Dart manufactures a wide array of projectors. You do not have to “break the bank” to get set up with a remote drug delivery system; however spend as much as your budget will allow to obtain as many features as you can when picking a projec...

Recognition and Treatment of Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex 01-18-2014
400-008 John F. Currin and W. Dee Whittier, Extension Specialists and Professors, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, Virginia Tech The recognition and treatment of Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex (BRDC) ...

My annual praise for outstanding equipment. Just returned from Assateague, and we treated 21 mares in 9 days. These mares are as wily as anything gets, and I had to get over half at ranges of 45-53 yards, in winds. No misses, every device fired. If there is better equipment anywhere in the world, please advise me, because I won’t believe it until I try it.

Pneu-Dart, I thank you for being a leader in the forefront of new technology for making and putting the 1-1/2 cc device into production. I can confidently shoot further, along with the assurance that the deer I am tranquilizing will stay immobilized due to the extra volume over the 1 cc device. There is also less impact trauma if I underestimate the yardage. I tranquilize over 200 whitetails a year and have excellent success with your products. With your 1-1/2 cc devices my job just got a little easier. God’s Blessings

Andy Foor