PDI_logo_vector-STREAM210-100ptFeature Stories: Our Products in the Field

Watch and see how our innovative and reliable products are used in the field by a variety of industries, worldwide. 

Mountain Lion Ecology

Time: 3:39

Watch Dr. Alyson Andreasen, Wildlife Ecologist, as she navigates the rough terrain in Western Nevada. Using her Pneu-Dart equipment she tracks and immobilizes mountain lions to be outfitted with a GPS collar for her ongoing studies.

Hemenway Park Bighorns

Time: 07:11

The Nevada Department of Wildlife uses Pneu-Dart products with bighorn sheep in Boulder City Social’s Hemenway Park

Wild Horses of Assateague Island

Time: 04:22

We spend the day with Allison Turner, from the National Park Service, while she tends to the wild horses of Assateague Island National Seashore. They use contraceptive measures to ensure the horse population maintains a healthy level of members. You can find out more information at the following site: www.nps.gov/asis

Bears & the Nevada Department of Wildlife

Time: 05:25

Carl Lackey, Wildlife Biologist with the Nevada Department of Wildlife, demonstrates how he uses Pneu-Dart drug delivery systems when responding to human-bear conflict calls and/or when conducting bear research during the winter.

Botswana Lion Conservation Genetics Research

Prezi Presentation

Like the global population, the lions of Botswana have, over the past century, undergone dramatic contraction in range due to human encroachment, as well as considerable population reduction from conflict with humans. This project hopes to address these issues by quantifying current levels of genetic variation within the lion populations of Botswana, and to test for patterns of genetic structure across these populations.