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Company Press Releases on a number of topics. For additional information and inquiries, please contact us at inquires@pneudart.com 


The Accuracy of Pneu-Dart 02-02-2017
We are commonly asked the question: Just how accurate are your projectors? We invite you to watch the following videos to see the results for yourself!

Pneu-Dart Slo-Inject® Flow Lab Video 01-31-2017
The latter part of 2016 marked the commencement of integrating Pneu Dart's patented Slo-Inject® Technology in producing RDD devices. We invite you to watch the following video to see the results for yourself!

Projector Service Plan - Open Enrollment 11-01-2016
Projector Service Plan – Limited Open Enrollment Enroll Today

The Time Is Now - Pneu-Dart Product Announcement 10-19-2016
Pneu-Dart proudly announces Slo-Inject® technology.

Education Is Now Free! 09-30-2016
We are now offering our RDD educational tutorial. For free!

My annual praise for outstanding equipment. Just returned from Assateague, and we treated 21 mares in 9 days. These mares are as wily as anything gets, and I had to get over half at ranges of 45-53 yards, in winds. No misses, every device fired. If there is better equipment anywhere in the world, please advise me, because I won’t believe it until I try it.

Pneu-Dart, I thank you for being a leader in the forefront of new technology for making and putting the 1-1/2 cc device into production. I can confidently shoot further, along with the assurance that the deer I am tranquilizing will stay immobilized due to the extra volume over the 1 cc device. There is also less impact trauma if I underestimate the yardage. I tranquilize over 200 whitetails a year and have excellent success with your products. With your 1-1/2 cc devices my job just got a little easier. God’s Blessings

Andy Foor