PDI_logo_vector-STREAM210-100ptPneu-Dart Company History

Established in 1967  |  All of our products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

The Story of Us


Just what is Pneu-Dart? An enormous corporation with hundreds of name-less faces shuffling into the giant building in the morning and out again as the buzzer sounds at quitting time?   Images of stockpiled products in giant warehouses across the US comes to mind as does a myriad of robotic-like employees taking, making, and shipping orders to customers who are merely order numbers.           

Right? Wrong. So very, very wrong.

Pneu-Dart is not a huge corporation but rather a locally owned and operated company located in a single building tucked into the countryside of Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  The American flag flies above the Pneu-Dart flag next to the pond that greets the Pneu-Dart team every day.  Our sixty-or-so associates make the scenic drive to work in the morning, past rivers, mountains, and grazing deer.  We work together to process, manufacture, and ship each order with the utmost care and we proudly note that no one—customer or associate—gets lost in the shuffle. 

We take pride in the products we produce and we stand behind them.  Each customer who calls or places an order with us gets personalized care. Our long-time customers become more like family members than numbers.

At Pneu-Dart, we have an extraordinary respect for our customers.  Not only for who they are, but what they do.  For some, our products aid in the success of their business endeavors, and for others our products facilitate their family’s livelihood.  It’s something we take very seriously.  It’s more than a company/client relationship, it’s a partnership created together with our customers to produce the most reliable and cost-effective product on the market.  Here at Pneu-Dart our motto is not just a string of words, it’s a way of life…“You Can’t Afford To Miss.”