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To achieve the most from our products, please review the various Helpful Tips below.  If you have a particular question, please give one of our Customer Care Professionals a call at 866-299-3278 for additional assistance!

Sighting In Your Projector 01-18-2014
Below are a couple of small excerpts from the chapter “Sighting In”, taken from the second edition of “Shooting the Bull”.  Optical sights are strongly encouraged in order to get the most usefulness out of any projector. The trajectory charts

How to Purchase a Cartridge Fired Projector 01-18-2014
Pneu-Dart can only ship cartridge fired projectors to a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer in good standing.  Pneu-Dart must have a signed copy of the dealer’s license before such a shipment can be made.  The dealer receiving your order will be issued

Hints for Choosing Your Pneu-Dart Equipment 01-18-2014
Pneu-Dart manufactures a wide array of projectors. You do not have to “break the bank” to get set up with a remote drug delivery system; however spend as much as your budget will allow to obtain as many features as you can when picking a projector.

Dosage Calculation 01-18-2014
Pneu-Dart, Inc. does not condone nor promote the extra-label use of veterinary pharmaceuticals unless on order and under supervision of a licensed veterinarian. The pharmaceutical industry in this country has not been very responsive to the needs

Cycling for Models 389, Model 196, and Model 193 01-18-2014
Recent field studies have concluded that cartridge-based projectors perform best when given adequate time to cycle. By definition: Cycling implies the ability for the gas chamber, within a cartridge-fired projector, to replenish itself with fresh

I just wanted to say thanks for a great reliable product. I have the 389 and have made just over 30 live shots with it over the past 4 months, and not a single problem. We just recently used it to help catch a bucking stock bull that got loose. We had him down and back home in less than a hour with no damage to the neighbors equipment or ourselves.

Jason Smith