PDI_logo_vector-STREAM210-100ptHow RDD’s Work

How RDDs work.  Additional questions? Please call Customer Care at 866-299-3278 for assistance.


How a RDD Works

  • This is a typical RDD design [above diagram]. The Cannula is the part which engages with the animal to deliver the medication.
  • The drug containment chamber, inside the RDD’s body, transports the prescribed medication.
  • Every Pneu-Dart RDD is now equipped with a forward positioned Flo-Restrictor™ baffel technology! Albeit in less than two seconds’ slow motion video illustrates the presence of Slo-Inject™Flo-Restrictor™ technology increased fluid disbursement time by approximately 33%
  • Positioned at the rear of the drug containment chamber is a plunger.
  • Behind the plunger is activation system; when activate, its energy propels the plunger forward, which delivers the medication into the intended target.
  • Behind the internal charge there is a compression spring and a firing pin.
  • The spring positioned in front of the firing pin is there to prevent premature activation while in transport.



When the device comes in contact with the intended target, rapid deceleration causes the firing pin to slide forward and activate the internal system, which creates back pressure behind the plunger, causing it to deliver the medication into the target.

Pneu-Dart, Inc. does not condone nor promote the extra-label use of veterinary pharmaceuticals unless on order and under supervision of a licensed veterinarian.

O-zone6Proper remote drug delivery must be delivered to the O-Zone™ injection site. Pneu-Dart recommends consistently delivering an appropriate sized practice device to a six-inch target before attempting to deliver any medication remotely.  The species neutral O-Zone™ is on the side of the neck forward of the shoulder.