Thanksgiving is the perfect time to pause and count our blessings. This Thanksgiving we extend our warmest wishes to all of our valued customers. With gratitude and appreciation, we offer sincere thanks to you, now and throughout the year! We wish you and your family the happiest Thanksgiving.

Pneu-Dart will be closed this Thursday and Friday so that our associates may spend Thanksgiving with their families and friends. We will reopen Monday, November 27, 2017, at 8:00am.

Female Farming

00:30 second commercial: Pneu-Dart salutes the women in agriculture who are making a difference for themselves and others.

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White Rhino Horn Removal

Watch Dr. Mike Toft, dehorn White Rhinos in the Zululand Rhino Reserve – part of a massive drive to reduce poaching pressure on these seriously endangered animals.
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The Accuracy of Pneu-Dart Projectors!

We are commonly asked the question:  Just how accurate are your projectors?  See the results for yourself!
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How RDD Devices Work

A creative illustration showing how Pneu-Dart RDD Devices work along with important topics to consider to help ensure your medication is properly delivered via remote drug delivery
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The Treat Right Foundation

Pneu-Dart is proud to announce a new non-profit endeavor, The Treat Right Foundation.  As a service to our customers, we have established a 501c3 organization designed to support the National FFA and the National Wildlife Federation, two very deserving organizations.

Pneu-Dart, Inc. offers the best remote injection equipment for your remote drug delivery needs. Our remote drug delivery [RDD] systems are designed to capture or medicate while minimizing stress on the animal.

Our products are most typically used to medicate cattle and cervid herds, as well as, control and capture of free-ranging ranch-raised exotics, Pneu-Dart, Inc. makes RDD products to handle every target situation, even from inside a helicopter! This website provides detailed information on our complete line of RDD products. Browse our expertly crafted RDD devices, commonly called “darts”, tranquilizer guns (or “projectors” as we prefer to call them), and a full range of accessories.

Our RDD systems have been modified and perfected to the point that they are unparalleled in design and effectiveness.



  • January 31, 2018NCBA
  • March 21, 2018NADEFA
  • March 23, 2018Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Expo
  • April 19, 2018Oklahoma City Farm Show
  • June 1, 2018Florida Cattlemans Association
AEC v1.0.4


  • Reduced rate of injection.
  • Virtually no tissue damage to the animal.
  • Minimizes potential for “bounce-outs”.
  • Now constructed with structurally superior and chemically resistant resin.
  • Helps to ensure ideal delivery.

First and Only disposable Slo-Inject™ RDD device on the market!


Pneu-Dart is proud to announce the release of its Remote Drug Delivery online education program.  Remote Drug Delivery has been hailed by many as a revolutionary advancement in livestock health care, providing producers with a method of treating livestock when conventional methods are unwarranted. With RDD, producers of any size can benefit from delivering treatment at the onset of infection.

The goal of Pneu-Dart’s online education program is to educate cattle producers of every size on Best Practices for integrating RDD into their herd health program. The program includes:

    • an overview of the Veterinarian Client Patient relationship with valuable insight into working with a veterinarian over distance
    • how to achieve ideal impact when delivering  prescribed medications remotely
    • how to select the proper equipment
    • how to consistently achieve shot placement in the O-Zone™ target area
    • how to properly maintain the equipment to ensure a lifetime of service
    • how to avoid costly mistakes in the use and management of a remote drug delivery system