in 1967.

Proudly made in
the U.S.A.

Pneu-Dart was born in the majestic mountains of Central Pennsylvania in the village of Barbours. Founded in 1967, Pneu-Dart started as a small basement operation developing remote delivery devices for livestock and wild game industries. Our mission was based simply on the philosophy of giving the customer what he or she wants – and what works.

We have enjoyed steady growth over the years due to invaluable feedback from ranchers and rangers. Ideas that have improved and continue to improve our product lines. In fact, 8 of the 17 projectors we have produced are still in production today. We offer the best remote injection equipment for your remote delivery needs with systems that are designed to capture or medicate while minimizing stress on the animal. Our RDDs have been modified and perfected to the point that they are unparalleled in design and effectiveness.

Pneu-Dart team members take great pride in providing the best services possible and offer products at an affordable price. We continually provide the latest advances in remote delivery device systems into every product, which are simple to use, functional and reliable. Just connect with your target and let us do the rest. Whether you are home on the range, deep in the back country, or out on safari, you'll be sure to hit your mark the first time — every time with Pneu-Dart.

While our products are most typically used for the control and capture of free-ranging ranch-raised exotics, Pneu-Dart makes a product to handle every target situation, even those from inside a helicopter.

The story of us

Just what is Pneu-Dart? An enormous corporation with hundreds of nameless, faceless people shuffling into the giant building in the morning and out again as the buzzer sounds at quitting time? Images of stockpiled products in giant warehouses across the US comes to mind, as does a myriad of robotic-like employees taking, making, and shipping orders to customers who are merely order numbers.

Right? Wrong. So very, very wrong.

Pneu-Dart is not a huge corporation but rather a locally owned and operated company located in a single building tucked into the countryside of Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The American flag flies above the Pneu-Dart flag next to the pond that greets the Pneu-Dart team every day. Our 60 plus team members make the scenic drive to work in the morning, past rivers, mountains, and grazing deer. We work together to process, manufacture, and ship each order with the utmost care and we proudly note that not one customer or associate gets lost in the shuffle.

We take pride in the products we produce, and we stand behind them. Each customer who calls or places an order with us gets personalized care. Our long-time customers become more like family members than numbers.

At Pneu-Dart, we have an extraordinary respect for our customers. Not only for who they are, but what they do. For some, our products aid in the success of their business endeavors and for others, our products facilitate their family's livelihood. It's something we take very seriously. It's more than a company/client relationship, it's a partnership created together with our customers to produce the most reliable and cost-effective product on the market. Here at Pneu-Dart our motto is not just a string of words, it's a way of life: "You can't afford to miss."

Strategic Advisory Board

Pneu-Dart, an innovative manufacturer of remote delivery device equipment dedicated to improving the management of wildlife and livestock, announced the formation of the Pneu-Dart Strategic Advisory Board, a respected group of scientific and business leaders chosen to help counsel the company on the opportunities for maximizing the impact of its products globally.

Blair D. Soars, President and Chief Executive Officer of Pneu-Dart commented, "With a variety of new products now on the market and the introduction of our patented Slo-Inject system, the time is right to begin thinking more broadly about the range of business development opportunities available to us." Pneu-Dart advisors include the following:

  • Mr. Warren Bluntzer

    Mr. Warren Bluntzer Warren Bluntzer's passion for the wildlife industry shows throughout every aspect of his career and 39+ years of experience. With a BS Degree from Tarleton State University, he began teaching Biology and Chemistry to grades 8-12 soon after graduation. In 1971 he joined the Texas State Game Commission where has gone on to earn Outstanding Wildlife Officer of the Year. He serves as the Lampasas Tourism Committee President, the Founding Director and Legislative Liaison for the Texas Deer Association and as a Consultant and speaker on wildlife issues both private and public. Warren is the founder of Warren Bluntzer Wildlife Consulting Services which includes consulting on all phases of wildlife management, the reestablishment of native habitat, water management, fisheries management, and much more. He has served as a member of the Texas A&M University Veterinarian Advisory Group from 2009-2015, has been appointed by Texas Governor Rick Perry to the Select Interim Committee to study the practice of breeding whitetail and Mule Deer, and is currently appointed to the Texas CWD Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Task Force Committee, the Texas Wildlife Association Deer Advisory Board, and has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Texas Wildlife Association. Warren believes strongly the management of property and wildlife is a privilege and an appreciative venture into the future.

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  • Dr. Anthony Denicola, PhD

    Anthony J. DeNicola – Certified Wildlife Biologist President of White Buffalo; a non-profit research organization dedicated to conserving ecosystems through wildlife population control research and management. He received a BS Degree in Biology from Trinity College of Hartford, CT in 1988, an MS Degree from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies in 1990, and a PhD in Wildlife Ecology from Purdue University in 1996. He has coordinated numerous suburban deer management/research programs, has been involved with nearly all the world's largest ungulate eradication programs, and has trained numerous professionals in wildlife euthanasia techniques. Tony also has been directly involved in wildlife capture technology research and development over the past 20 years. He is a member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association, the Society for Conservation Biology, and The Wildlife Society. Tony holds research affiliate positions with the Denver Zoological Foundation and the University of Georgia. His professional interests are technical/behavioral/ecological approaches to wildlife damage control, wildlife reproductive control, and control of introduced vertebrate species.

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  • Jason Douglas

    Jason Douglas has been actively involved in the stocker/backgrounder, cow-calf, and feedyard business since his graduation from Oklahoma State University in 1998 with a BS Degree in Animal Science. He has worked extensively in the animal health distribution business as well management system development for stocker cattle operations. He currently works for MWI/Micro in conjunction with veterinarians, producers, order buyers, and livestock marketing firms throughout the southern and southwest United States. He and his wife Kaci operate a stocker and back grounding operation in western Oklahoma with their two sons Kason and Krece and have utilized remote injection technology for the last 10 years where they have compiled data on remote injection use and its efficiencies over conventional methods.

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  • Dr. Jessica Laurin, DVM

    As a graduate from Kansas State University's College of Veterinary Medicine in 1993, Dr. Laurin spent 3 years in feedlot practices in southwestern Kansas. Dr. Laurin then moved home and established the Animal Health Center of Marion County and Tri-County Veterinary Center. Dr. Laurin's practice sits along the western edge of the Flint Hills. Dr. Laurin is active in the veterinarian community with memberships in several organizations, including AABP, ARV and KVMA. She has also been a member of the Academy of Veterinary Consultants (AVC) for over 20 years and has served as president. Dr. Laurin has made presentations at several continuing education conferences, including twice presenting at the prestigious Western States Convention in Las Vegas.

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  • Dr. Floyd K. McKeith, PhD

    Dr. McKeith's career has specialized the teaching, research and extension of Meat Science. He earned a BS Degree in Animal Sciences from Washington State University and when on to earn an MS and a PhD in Animal Sciences from Texas A&M University. Now a retired consultant, he began his career as a Lecturer in the Animal Sciences division at the University of Illinois. Moving quickly from a Lecturer to an Assistant and Associate Professor he ultimately served as a Professor in Animal Sciences from 1993-2014. He has earned many awards including the Outstanding Service Award from the American Association of Meat Processors, the Meats Research Award from the American Meat Science Association and American Society of Animal Sciences, the Distinguished Service Award from Illinois Association of Meat Processors and Illinois Pork Producers Association. He has served on the Editorial Board of the American Society of Animal Science, has earned the Extension Award from the Department of Animal Sciences at University of Illinois and much more. His Teaching responsibilities included animal science, slaughter and processing of red meats, meat purchasing and preparation, and meat science. Prior to retirement, he was responsible for the activities of the Meat Science Laboratory as well. With over 240 publications, Dr. McKeith has focused his research and career on the growth, quality, composition, and palatability of meat animals.

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  • Mr. William J. Robison

    Earned his BS Degree in Mathematics from University of Louisiana-Monroe and upon graduation, served 3 years as an officer in the US Marine Corps. Mr. "B.J." Robison now retired started his extensive career in sales and operations with Pfizer. After moving to Pfizer's New York headquarters, he was appointed vice president of sales for Pfizer Labs and was later named senior vice president of Pfizer Labs. Soon thereafter he became vice president and general manager of Pratt Pharmaceuticals, a then new division of the U.S. Pharmaceuticals Group. He was elected as a corporate officer and appointed president of the Consumer Health Care Group and within just a few years was appointed senior vice president of Pfizer and head of Pfizer human resources. In 1998, he was appointed executive vice president of Pfizer where he retired in 2001. Additionally, he served as a 10 year board member for MWI Veterinary Supply Co, until the purchase by AmerisourceBergen. For the past 9 years, he has served as a board member for NeoGenomics Laboratories and for 22 years had been a member of the board of trustees for the University of Louisiana-Monroe. Most recently and with great pride he became one of the founding members of the Marine Corps National Museum located in Quantico, Virginia.

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  • Dr. Cliff Shipley, DVM, DACT

    Dr. Clifford Shipley attended Northwest Missouri State University, where he received his BS Degree. He continued his education and obtained his DVM from Iowa State University in 1982. In 1997, Dr. Shipley was awarded Board Certification from the American College of Theriogenologists. He is currently the Attending Veterinarian for Agricultural Animals, Agricultural Animal Care and Use Program at the University of Illinois and has served on the Illinois Livestock Board of Commissioners since 2008. His research interests include the reproduction of all species with an emphasis on embryo transfer, laparoscopic AI, semen collection, and semen freezing in small ruminants. He is interested in cervid reproduction and herd health and is also a beef and small ruminant veterinary extension specialist.

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  • Dr. Rachael Weiss, DVM

    Dr. Rachael Weiss attended Carnegie Mellon University, where she received her B.S. in Biology and Psychology. She continued her education and obtained her DVM from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 2001. After graduation, Dr. Weiss worked in large animal private practice and focused on small ruminant and equine reproduction and medicine. After working 4 years in private practice, she completed a 6-month internship in equine reproduction and then pursued a 3 year residency in Wildlife and Conservation Medicine at the Wilds in Cumberland, OH. Dr. Weiss is currently the owner of Applied Reproductive Concepts, which is a clinical practice focused on small ruminant reproduction. Her professional interests include wildlife reproduction and management, anesthesia, immunology and sustainable use of wildlife.

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"Our future is exciting, and we are thrilled these leaders share in our enthusiasm and recognize the potential for our products on a global scale. Our advisors bring an unrivaled wealth of knowledge from a diverse array of wildlife and livestock experiences. Our entire Pneu Dart team is deeply grateful these notable individuals have agreed to support us."

– B. Soars