Posted: 8/6/2021

Challenges Provide Opportunities


August 6, 2021 

Pneu-Dart recently announced a massive overhaul to its production facility located in Williamsport, PA. 

According to the president of the company, Blair Soars, the overhaul was a direct result of a slowdown in production that stemmed largely from an unanticipated shortage of a supply-side partner who is relocating their aluminum tube production facility.  

Faced with this short-term reduced inventory of aluminum tubing, Pneu-Dart elected to view this as an opportunity to completely overhaul its production facility to optimize manufacturing throughout the plant.  When asked what is different, Soars said, “virtually everything”.  

“We have redesigned every workstation both in form and location throughout the production facility,” he added. “This, coupled with new ergonomic inventory control shelving units, will lead to optimization yielding elevated capacity beyond historical levels.” 

When asked if this adjustment would impact small volume RDD sales, Soars replied: “Just the opposite!  With this challenge we are positioned to direct the vast majority of our labor resources toward the production of small volume RDD’s.  That being 1/2, 1, 1.5, and 2cc capacities.

Both organizations anticipate reaching 100% production capacity in less than 30 days.  “We are proud to say we don’t look for excuses, we find solutions.” said Soars. 

About Pneu-Dart

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