Posted: 9/30/2016

Education Is Now Free!


It is with great pride Pneu Dart is now offering its customers and channel partners, as well as the general public, unobstructed on-line access to our RDD educational tutorial. For free!

Education Is Now Free!

Realizing the value of education and the importance of quality content, in addition to making our tutorials accessible to the public, we have streamlined the process to where RDD fundamentals can be viewed in as little as 40 minutes.* Our goal is to deliver valued materials insuring judicious use of RDDs by ALL.

Click here to view an abbreviated version of a particular segment entitled “How a RDD Works” **

*Please Note: Pneu Dart is not fostering this service as a substitute for accredited programs offered by associations or educational institutions.

**©2016 All rights reserved. All of the information and education material inclusive of text, images, logos, product names, videos is either the property of, or used with permission by Pneu-Dart, Inc. The information may not be distributed, modified, reproduced – in whole or in part – without the prior written permission of Pneu-Dart, Inc.