Tips for successful Remote Drug Delivery

Fill Needle Technique for Loading RDD’s

At Pneu-Dart we want the best for you and the animals you care for.  The proper use of our Remote Drug Devices, RDD’s, is of highest importance for successful delivery and for this reason we would like to review important tips for loading RDD’s.

First you must draw your injectable liquid into your fill syringe.  As always, protective gloves are recommended when filling the RDD.  A complimentary fill needle comes in each package of Pneu-Dart RDD’s.  If you are using your own needle we strongly recommend the use of a 19-gauge fill needle supporting a length of at least ¾” inch longer than the cannula (needle) on the RDD itself.

After drawing the injectable liquid into your fill needle and syringe, hold the RDD at a 45-degree angle with the cannula of the needle pointing up.  Insert your fill syringe needle into the RDD cannula to load.

At this point, it is imperative the fill needle hub is seated against the cannula tip of the RDD.  If not inserted to fullest depth possible, the desired fluid volume may not be introduced into the drug containment chamber providing a false indicator the RDD is full.


Validate you have loaded the correct volume of fluid using the gauge marks on the fill syringe.

NotCorrect Correct
Improper Technique – Fill needle is not fully inserted into the cannula,
part of the needle is still showing.
Proper Technique – Fill needle is fully inserted into the cannula.
The fill needle hub is seated against the cannula tip.

Your RDD is now ready to use.

If you have any further questions please call Customer Care at 1-866-299-3278.