Posted: 3/29/2016

Immediate Release: Johannesburg Zoo


Working in conjunction with Global Supplies, Pneu-Dart is proud to announce its working relationship with the Johannesburg Zoo Veterinary Hospital in Johannesburg, Africa.

Through a collaborative effort, Pneu Dart equipment will assist the zoo’s veterinarian team to ensure animal welfare. The Johannesburg Zoo veterinary team provides individual care to zoo animals, and enthusiastically shares its expertise of indigenous animals with external institutions.

Pneu-Dart is proud to assist “Joburg” Zoo, and is eager to share this good news with its community of customers.

About Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo is a non-profit company under the South African Companies Act, No 71 of 2008 as amended. Mandated by the City of Johannesburg, JCPZ manages the City’s Zoo with preservation and management of biodiversity through direct conservation, action, education, research and recreation. The zoo is currently home to 3,201 specimens.

The veterinary hospital is responsible for the health, welfare, and preventative medicine of all zoo animals. The veterinary team also aides indigenous animals in need by providing relief from injury, and external assistance toward rehabilitation and release.

Johannesburg Zoo

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