Posted: 8/26/2016

Laser engraved RDDs, new & enhanced resin

We are undergoing many exciting changes here at Pneu-Dart. In addition to our soon to be released Slo-Inject we will be unveiling later next month, we are excited to share with you more changes we are making to our product line to better meet our customers’ needs.

Pneu-Dart's Laser Engraved RDDs

Laser engraved RDDs

Soon all aluminum RDDs (3.0cc–10.0cc) will be laser engraved with the volume of the injectable liquids capacity. With this value added feature “at-a-glance” identification will help provide the best treatment possible. Circulation is slated to commence in the latter part of Q4-2016.

Pneu-Dart's Enhanced Resin RDD

New & enhanced resin

With the advent of our patented Slo-Inject technology, we were faced with the challenge of sourcing an alternative resin with a higher melt flow to support the molding process for our 1/2cc through 2.0cc RDDs. (Yes, 2.0cc RDDs will soon be supported by a plastic body) After extensive research not only did we locate a resin with a higher melt flow, the resin we selected possesses enhanced mechanical and superior chemical resistance properties.

Another small advancement in our product offerings to our customers, because we care!