Posted: 10/8/2020

Pneu-Dart Releases New Biopsy/DNA RDD Video with Keith Warren

Pneu-Dart has released a new biopsy/DNA RDD along with Keith Warren, host of “Deer and Wildlife Stories.” 

The DNA extraction device is designed to remove a sample consisting of both the dermis and hypodermis materials. Equipped with a hollow-end and barbed needle, which can be removed once the tissue sample is collected safely and harmlessly, the field tests yield three independent DNA test from a single sample. For every dart in the package, a seprate vile is included in order that the sample may be collected and sent to the North American Deer Registry. 

In Pneu-Dart’s new video, Warren provides details on the dart itself, instructions on how to properly collect the sample and prepare the sample for DNA analysis.

“You’ll find the DNA dart available on Pneu-Dart’s website,” said Warren. “Pneu-Dart makes the remote delivery devices that virtually every deer farmer in the country are using.”

Founded in 1967, Pneu-Dart, Inc. has demonstrated a commitment in providing remote drug delivery solutions to a diverse client base globally. While focusing on enhanced remote delivery devices, Pneu-Dart has emerged as a leader in manufacturing life-altering products for the customer and the animals they serve. For more information about Pneu-Dart, please visit