Posted: 4/1/2021

Pneu-Dart releases new Cervid & Wildlife Remote Delivery Systems Educational Program

Innovators in Remote Delivery Systems’ (RDS), Pneu-Dart is proud to introduce 27 new courses to its free on-line tutorial platform specifically geared toward the Cervid and Wildlife industries.

With previous programs aimed at the cattle industry, we are pleased present our expanded educational platform to the Cervid and Wildlife community. This specific tutorial comprises of 50+ video interviews with industry veterinarians. Topics within the program range from how ambient weather conditions can affect the outcome to defining the 10% rule when it comes to body weight considerations for immobilizing animals. We are excited to share this educational program and offering it to the public realizing the value of knowledge is paramount!

For those wanting to enroll in the Cervid & Wildlife Educational Program to learn more from well-respected veterinarians! Just visit

*Please Note: Pneu-Dart is not fostering this service as a substitute for accredited programs offered by associations or educational institutions.