Posted: 3/4/2022

Pneu-Dart The Best is Yet to Come: A Message From President Blair D. Soars.


March 4, 2022

As a valued customer, you are undoubtedly aware that our ability to meet your needs has been hindered due to events that have occurred outside of our control. 

According to the president of the company, Blair Soars, these events can be attributed to supply chain disruptions, COVID 19, and continual workforce quarantine requirements due to the pandemic. 

However, Pneu-Dart is eager to share with you our plans on moving forward. 

We believe it’s imperative you know increasing inventory levels from our suppliers remains our primary focus. Due to escalated material and labor costs, however, the company had no choice but to raise some of our retail pricing. 

Despite the challenges we have faced, Pneu-Dart is dedicated to meeting customer demand without sacrificing quality, just as we have done for over 50 years.  According to our President, “We are anticipating supply chain issues will be behind us within the next 90 days and are excited to say our production output is increasing week over week.” 

As we continue in our journey together, we are humbled and grateful for the patience and understanding our loyal customers have displayed during these challenging times.