Posted: 11/16/2017

Proactive measures, discontinued Pneu-Dart projectors

Pneu-Dart has discontinued the sale of the Crossman Model 176B & 179B C02 projectors. “This was a proactive measure”, said Pneu-Dart President Blair Soars. “These two particular projectors were influenced by ambient air temperature and because we can’t control Mother Nature, we made the decision to discontinue the sales of these models as the industry deserves more than the projectors can provide.”

“This is by no means a black mark on Crossman, as we look forward to a collaborative effort in providing the next generation of Remote Drug Delivery projectors in the years to come,” he added.

Current holders of the Crossman 176B and 179B C02 projectors will continue to receive services related to their projectors as parts and service will be provided into the foreseeable future.