Posted: 9/28/2022

Women’s Professional Rodeo Association


With the assistance of a VCPR (Veterinarian Client Patient Relationship) you can now remotely deliver medication to free range cattle at the first onset of infection. This alone helps minimize the need for retreatment. For over 50 years, Pneu-Dart has offered the best remote injection equipment for your remote delivery needs. Our remote delivery systems (RDS) are designed to medicate or sedate while minimizing stress and impact trauma on the animal.

Browse our website and view our expertly crafted remote delivery devices (RDDs), commonly called darts, tranquilizer guns (or projectors, as we prefer to call them) and a full range of accessories. Shop today and enjoy better bovine health via remote injection!

Cattle Packages
Whether your task is to medicate or capture, Pneu-Dart has the ideal remote delivery system for you. Our Cattle Packages are designed to effectively meet your RDS needs.

Pneu-Dart Slo-Inject® RDDs
Our disposable Slo-Inject® RDDs come in a broad array of sizes, are easy to fill, and are color coded for speedy identification. Available in Type P (Air & CO2) Type C (Cartridge-fired) and Type U (Universal)