Posted: 8/11/2015

Response to the Recent BQA Advisory Statement

Pneu-Dart, Inc. Response to the Recent BQA Advisory Statement Regarding the Use of Pneumatic Darts

Having fully read the BQA advisory statement regarding the use of RDDs, Pneu-Dart, Inc. congratulates the BQA in launching an awareness campaign on better bovine health. Pneu-Dart acknowledges that some of the stated concerns are valid, and we believe that through continued awareness and education, these issues can be successfully addressed. Through customer feedback, case studies and ongoing dialogue with ranchers, veterinarians and professionals, we have seen and learned first-hand the incredible number of benefits that result from using remote drug delivery systems correctly. From cow/calf to stocker cattle operations, and free-range to feed yards, the use of remote drug delivery has greatly reduced the mortality rate of cattle, increased profitability and has promoted the value of medicating animals in need of treatment.

As the use of remote drug delivery continues to grow Pneu-Dart is committed to the evolution of its product line. Case in point: within the next few months 100% of all Pneu-Dart RDDs will be equipped with our patent pending Slo-Inject technology. This engineered solution will reduce the rate of injection, thereby virtually eliminating the potential for unintentional Sub-Q Vs. IM injections and vise-versa. Many industries within our society have tools, which are potentially dangerous when used incorrectly; this is nothing new, and should not stand in the way of what is clearly a profitable and humane resource for ranchers and the cattle they serve.

Realizing more work is needed; Pneu Dart, Inc. has made a commitment to the industry and is finalizing a certified online educational program for all users. This online educational platform will be launching within the next few months. In conjunction with the online educational platform, we have scheduled a one-hour prime time television program, which will air on RFD-TV December 14, 2015. The broadcasted program will consist of a roundtable discussion on the use of remote drug delivery with one of the many topics focusing on the importance of a Veterinarian-Client-Patient-Relationship (VCPR) when administering medication. Complimenting the need for science to support the technology, Pneu-Dart, Inc. will be extending invitations to accredited institutions to participate in a fully funded program documenting reduced stress levels and the efficacy of drugs delivered remotely. We invite all members of the beef industry who embrace the need for Remote Drug Delivery education to contribute to our efforts, and voice their support for RDD certification.

We here at Pneu-Dart, Inc. are committed to leading the way in providing educational resources benefitting the entire beef industry. We are willing to take a hard look at what the industry needs and what role we play and we are prepared to meet those needs.

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